Gainbridge LPGA Partners with ‘First2Aid EMS’ in Support of Local, Woman Owned Business

Woman Owned EMS Company Named as Official Tournament First Aid Partner

Tournament officials announced today that they have partnered with a female owned EMS company as the Official tournament First Aid partner.  

First2Aid EMS provides high quality ground critical care and air medical services to Central Florida and the surrounding area. Brandy Luczywo currently serves as CEO and has owned First2Aid EMS for 3+ years. With 3 locations in Florida, she leads a team of more than 100 highly experienced paramedics and EMTs who undergo constant training to ensure the most effective support during a crisis.

“We do things differently,” says Brandy Luczywo,” CEO and owner of First2Aid. “We don’t believe in delivering the bare minimum; We believe in doing what’s right.”

The inception of First2Aid occurred during Hurricane Erma when Brandy and her team staffed hurricane shelters with paramedics. Her team also provided government sites with paramedics during the thick of COVID-19 back in 2020. Their goal is to change medicine by providing a better standard of care and to take care of people in need.

“The Gainbridge LPGA is proud to partner with a woman owned EMS business,” says Scott Reid, Gainbridge LPGA Event Director. “The tournament serves as a global platform to empower women and partnering with First2Aid is just another way to support inclusivity and diversity.”

The LPGA has not been quiet about their messaging on diversity. They recently released a statement that reads: “Our goal at the LPGA is to change the face of golf, making the sport we love more accessible and inclusive. Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are and what we do.”

Brandy looks forward to her team’s involvement at the Gainbridge LPGA. To learn more about First2Aid EMS’ services and capabilities, visit:

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